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Isolation to Creation

Amidst the pandemic, Works & Process, the performing arts series at the Guggenheim, produced performing arts creative bubbles for artists to work safely together again. "Isolation To Creation" takes you behind the scenes as artists return to the studio and stage for the first time since the pandemic.

Spanning multiple traditions and styles—from Afrik, ballroom, body percussion, club-life, street, and tap dance to beatbox, vogue, and underground house dance and music—these performances lift underrepresented voices, performing arts cultures, and producers. While few were able to safely gather in person, these programs provided a glimpse of a potent future in which stewardship is channeled toward artist-driven projects, shaping a more inclusive and representative world.


Ephrat Asherie Dance with New York City Club Legends; Les Ballet Afrik with Omari Wiles; The Missing Element with Chris Celiz and Anthony Rodriguez “Invertebrate”; Music from the Sole with Gregory Richardson and Leonardo Sandoval; Jamar Roberts; Seven Deadly Sins with Joshua Bergasse, Justin Vivian Bond, Jeffrey Guimond, Marc Happel, and Sara Mearns  


Lead support for Works & Process Bubble Residencies and Isolation to Creation provided by Works & Process Board of Directors and Anh-Tuyet Nguyen and Robert Pollock, with additional support from Jonna Mackin.


Filming assistance provided by the Jerome Robbins Dance Division at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.


Medical Counsel provided by Dr. Wendy Ziecheck

The Making Of

"Isolation to Creation"

The making of “Isolation to Creation” mirrors the story it tells— a diverse group of people found a way to keep art alive when so much of the country was shut down.


When the COVID-19 pandemic swept New York, performing arts organizations cancelled or postponed their contracts with artists as venues shuttered across the city. But to Duke Dang, the General Manager of Works & Process at The Guggenheim, this was not an option. He saw that those uncertain times were precisely when organizations should invest even more into the arts scene, not less. Duke began to dream up a remote artist residency that could provide an invaluable resource - the ability to safely gather and create during a time when no other creation options were available. The bubble residencies he, Caroline Cronson, and the Works & Process team orchestrated were pioneers in the art world, and set a standard for how to create together during the pandemic. 

“Isolation to Creation'' follows six of the artist groups selected to go into the Works & Process bubble residencies: Music from the Sole, The Missing Element, Jamar Roberts, Ephrat Asherie Dance, Les Ballet Afrik, and “Seven Deadly Sins”. Showcasing creators of diverse race, age, orientation, and identity, the series celebrates their unique insights, struggles, and contributions to dance culture. From beatboxing, to Vogue Ballroom, to club dance, to Brazilian tap dance, to ballet, the breadth of styles performed by these artists paint an intricate picture of the beating heart of New York dance. Each company is pushing their dance style into uncharted spaces.

Not only does the film document the experience of artists going from isolation back into the studio, but also the circumstances brought a huge challenge to how we approached filming with COVID-19 safety precautions at the forefront. We found inventive solutions with a bare-bones crew. Nic Petry, the director and director of photography, created sweeping video while simultaneously juggling the filming, audio, and lighting, since only one production person was allowed into the quarantine bubble. However, one cameraperson couldn’t be everywhere at once, and we wanted to be with the artists as much as possible. We provided each residency group with their own camera, to tell their story in their own voice. This rich trove of footage provided an insider’s look into their process, and a fresh perspective into their creative worlds. 


Julie Rooney, the editor and screenwriter, wove it all together to uncover the heart of this story— community and invention. We also had the special opportunity to collaborate with one of the bubble artists, Gregory Richardson from Music from the Sole, who composed a powerful score.


We invite you to experience the power of what artists make when they have the opportunity to create even during our country’s darkest days.




Ephrat Asherie Dance featuring and in collaboration with New York City Club Legends

Club Legend, Archie Burnett

Club Legend, Michele Saunders    

Ephrat “Bounce” Asherie, Artistic Director/Choreographer  

Manon Bal

Ron “Stealth-1” Chunn Jr.

Teena Marie Custer

Val “Ms. Vee” Ho

Dorren “Moglii” Smith

Matthew “Megawatt” West


Les Ballet Afrik

Omari Wiles, Director and Founder

Kameron N. Saunders, Associate Artistic Director

Algin Ford-Sterling, Music Director

Shireen Rahimi, Company Manager

Kya Azeen

Alora Martinez

Eva Moore

Milerka Rodriguez

Yuki Sukezane

Karma Stylz


The Missing Element

Anthony Vito Rodriguez “Invertebrate”

Joseph Carella “Klassic”

Brian “Hallow Dreamz” Henry

Graham Reese


The Beatbox House

Amit Bhowmick

Chris Celiz

Neil Meadows “NaPoM”

Gene Shinozaki

Kenny Urban


Music from the Sole

Gregory Richardson, Co-Founder

Leonardo Sandoval, Co-Founder

José Cruzata

Noé Kains

Gisele Silva


Jamar Roberts New Dance Commission

with New Music by David Watson

Jamar Roberts, Choreographer

Patrick Coker

Ghrai DeVore-Stokes

Jacquelin Harris

Brandon Woolridge


Seven Deadly Sins

Marc Happel, Producer

Joshua Bergasse, Choreographer

Jeffrey Guimond, Music Director

Gilbert Bolden III

Justin Vivian Bond

Sara Mearns

Matthew Steffens


Medical Counsel

Dr. Wendy S. Ziecheck


Ethics Counsel

Dr. Robert Klitzman




Nic Petry


Lead Editor and Screen Writer
Julie Rooney


Director of Photography
Nic Petry


Project Coordinator
Tama Roberts


Gregory Richardson


Research and Storyboard Consultant
Krista Brunson


Editor and Motion Graphics
Sarah Lasley

Assistant Editors

Maggie Kolina

Kemonta “Kwickk” Fuqua

Residency Filming and Production

Nic Petry


Kaatsbaan Summer Festival Performances

Jake Bellew, Camera Operator

Nic Petry, Camera Operator

Quinn Wharton, Camera Operator


Lincoln Center Performances

Jake Bellew, Camera Operator

Nic Petry, Camera Operator


Filmed in part on location at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Kaatsbaan Cultural Park, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City, Petronio Residency Center, and the office of Dr. Wendy S. Ziecheck.




Works & Process Staff

Caroline Cronson, Producer

Duke Dang, General Manager

Kathryn Marshall, Program Associate


Ashley Browne, Bookkeeper

Lauren Gibbs, Grants Manager

Robert Mayer, Chief Financial Officer

Michelle Tabnick, Publicist


Works & Process Lead Funders

Ford Foundation

Christian Humann Foundation

Leon Levy Foundation

Mertz Gilmore Foundation

NYC COVID-19 Response and Impact Fund

Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Evelyn Sharp Foundation

Public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council


Works & Process Board of Directors

Bart Friedman, Chair

Stuart H. Coleman, Treasurer

Caroline Cronson, Secretary

Mary Sharp Cronson, President Emerita

Richard Armstrong, Lucy Dobrin, Joanna Fisher,

Adam Flatto, Michèle Pesner, Cynthia Hazen Polsky,

Stephen Kroll Reidy, Denise Saul, Annalyn Swan, Shelby White

GWP ITC Still 14.jpg

Thank you

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Alexandra Barber, Elizabeth Cosgrove, Sarah Eaton, Brenda Gray, Virginia Gresham, Olivia Manno, Marianna Mermin, Maria Slusarev, Julie K. Smitka, Lauren Van Natten, Corrado Verini, Miriam Weiner, and Daniel M. Yang


Kaatsbaan Cultural Park 

Stella Abrera, Amber Bennett, Emma Coombs, Sonja Kostich, Brandi Norton, and Ash Umhey


Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Adessii Austin, Rachel Caduri, Clive Chang, Sammy Garcia Jr., Christine Jones, and K’idar Miller


Petronio Residency Center

Stephen Petronio and Marya Warshaw


The Jerome Robbins Dance Division at the New York Public Library

Linda Murray, Tanisha Jones, and Daisy Pommer


Custom Coach & Limo

Mohammed Alam and Kathie Iannaci


Works & Process at Lincoln Center series was co-produced by Works & Process at the Guggenheim and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

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